On March 8th, 2013, Snarky Puppy and a host of special guests convened at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke VA. The project was to record a series of live performances in audio and video that would bring attention and benefit to the ongoing work of the center. The Jefferson Center is a non-profit arts organization that is revitalizing a key …

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Happy Father’s Day to Charles, one of our @ObamaFoundation Fellows, and all the dads at Fathers’ Uplift. Today, we’re celebrating fathers like these who provide a powerful example—not only for their kids, but for the rest of us, too. — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) June 16, 2019


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Our training focuses on knowledge of advanced 5G wireless network technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums. It is similar to Information Technology (IT) but focuses primarily on communication technologies.

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