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Financial Leadership Development Programs

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Future Investment

The CityLab Leadership Academy is a life-changing program that focuses on academic development and life skills.

The curriculum is based upon the seven modules: Public Speaking, College Prep, Responsible Citizenship, Arts/Self Expression and Self Realization, Financial Literacy, Leadership 101 and Etiquette.

Future Employment

The CityLab Leadership Academy is designed to follow participants step-by-step through the Cisco Certification Process and transition them into careers not only utilizing the modules, but also with “Toolboxes” designed to assist them in some of life’s most basic day-to-day essentials.

This highly successful program, demonstrates a significant two-year reduction recidivism, by focusing on improving 21st century job skill preparation while incarcerated, offered by Cisco.

Part of our program includes credit union savings accounts, focused learning on first time home buyer programs, with the goal reaching mortgage qualification in 36 months from enrollment.

All revenue is based on performance contracts and depends on the quality of training, and the desire of both the teacher and student to become successful graduates who are able to complete 90 days of continued employment after training. Cost is also shared among employers registered in this venture by State of California Department of Apprenticeship Standards.

Johnny is an accomplished Certified Cisco Network Academy Instructor, and also a Senior IT Executive with a strong affinity for technology; with a keen business sense for the application of emerging products that add value and expand markets.

He has a proven talent for identifying core business needs and translating those needs into required technical deliverables. Working with companies such as Cisco, Pepsi, Intel, Southwestern Bell, and SouthWest Airlines.

The relationship that CityLab has with any of its providers of services whether in its own Fundraising Drive, its Outreach Campaigns, both Social and Community are explained to everyone there are unique opportunity in terms of what CityLab can provide with a proper memberships.

Our partners enrollemnets in California Department of Apprenticeship Standards, forms 7 allow CityLab (File DAS 29710) along with the assurance that vocational training is in high demand, and that certification programs do enable a person to demonstrate their ability to retain needed information, to assure participants an equal opportunity in interviews.

We find that investors in our social purpose organisation and social enterprises appreciate a succinct, trustworthy, sophisticated and accessible account of the social value being achieved with the funds invested, as they are reflected in the lives being changed.

The 90 Day Certification Couse series is a reoccurring classes on breakthrough technologies by pioneers in industry, academia and government. The program leads to both OJT, and a California Apprenticeship Certification in Networking where this class is considered a perquisite for both.


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